Green Cleaners 

Our Housekeeping Crew have been using environmentally friendly cleaners for years. Not only is it better for our earth, it is better for the quality of life for our housekeepers to not breathe in as much toxic materials over the course of their day.


All carpeting in the 2013 addition, and most carpeting throughout the facility, is in the form of carpet squares. This environmental decision helps reduce waste by allowing an easy way to fix carpet damage with the replacement of just one tile as opposed to replacing the entire carpet. 

Reduction in overall building materials

Take a look at our 2013 addition and you will notice what isn’t there – closed in ceilings, walls, etc. By choosing to leave much our building structure exposed, we made the choice to eliminate the use of less necessary building materials such as sheetrock, ceiling tiles, and more. Not only is it the right decision, it also gives the addition a modern, free and open look. 


  • All paints used are Zero Volitale Organic Compounds (0VOC) coatings
  • Carpet in the Parkway Ballroom (the signature large scale meeting room on campus) is 100% wool, a totally renewable resource
  • Outdoor retaining walls are made from locally sourced granite
  • All new industrial furnishings are certified green and are made in plants where the focus is on green and sustainable products and manufacturing methods
  • PSU furniture is upholstered using eco-fabrics
  • Only 100% and 50% recycled paper is used in our copiers and printers

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