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Plemmons Student Union Inclement Weather Policy & Closing Schedule

We regret the inconvenience caused by inclement weather.  We have enacted these policies with a priority on student employee safety and the safety of the general Appalachian public, and in accordance with the judgment of Appalachian State University officials in determining the Level of safety under which the University is operating.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Christopher Farthing or Dr. Brad Vest at 828-262-3032.


Facility & ReservationsHK Patio

To cancel a reservation due to inclement weather, please call 828-262-3030 (Info Desk) or 828-262-3032 (Student Union Office). To determine if a unit within the Student Union is open, call the individual unit in question or call the Information Desk at 828-262-3030.

  1. If the University is operating under Reduced Operations and in-person classes are not canceled, the Student Union will work to remain open on a regular schedule.

  2. If the University begins the day with in-person classes canceled under Reduced/Suspended Operations and then resumes Normal Operations at any point during the day (i.e., in-person classes resume), the PSU will work to open on time and remain open as scheduled.  Reservations are canceled while the University is under Suspended Operations or while classes are online/virtual only. Reservations will resume when the University returns to Normal Operations pending PSU Staff Availability.

  3. If the University announces that in-person classes are canceled under Reduced/Suspended Operations in the morning for the entire day, or announces Reduced/Suspended Operations midday (with in-person classes canceled), the PSU will open on time and will remain open until 9pm, along with Cascades & McAlister’s Deli.  *Individual offices and units within the building may choose to open later/close early, depending on employee availability.*   Reservations will be canceled while Reduced/Suspended Operations are in effect.

  4. If the University is operating under a Closure, the Student Union will make every effort to be open from noon-5pm.  All reservations will be canceled during the time of the University closure and no contact will be made with organizations/departments holding reservations during that period.

  5. If the University is operating under a Closure for the morning only:  the PSU will work to open by noon and will close based on subsequent University announcements throughout the day (i.e., either 5pm for a full Closure, or 9pm for Reduced/Suspended Operations when classes are online/virtual). 

  6. If the University announces a Closure midday:  all reservations will be canceled and the facility will close at 5pm.

  7. The Plemmons Student Union will work with the Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Emergency Management to adjust hours of operations if requested.