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Student Employment Opportunities

*Positions will be advertised on Handshake (opens in a new tab) as they become available.

Operations Assistant (O.A.)

Working with a crew of other students, this position has primary responsibility for room set-ups, cleaning, & work station substitutions.

  Job Description

Game Room

Oversee activities in the Game Room, provide change and perform register transactions.

  Job Description

AV Technician

Assists patrons in set up, operation, and troubleshooting of audiovisual equipment for events including computers, data projection, & sound reinforcement. Students who are familiar with this type of equipment and have a technical background are preferred.

  Job Description

Information Desk Attendant

Provides phone listings, campus event and Student Union information to patrons within the PSU and via phone calls.

  Job Description

Lounge Attendant

Attends to and maintains lounges and other public spaces.

  Job Description

Event Staff

Provide supervision for events and perform facility upkeep.

  Job Description