PSU Advertising Policies

The Plemmons Student Union provides eleven contact tables, five display cases, five free-standing marquees, digital signage, and two club and organization display cases for advertising a campus event or to promote a Campus Activites registered student organization.


Campus Activities registered student organizations can request banner space around Cascades Atrium through Club Hub. University departments and organizations funded by Appalachian State University may request space to hang a banner advertising an event that will occur within the Student Union. Banners may be hung one week prior to the scheduled event.

Bulletin Boards

Located in both the Solarium lobby and Bookstore hallway are two cases for use by Campus Activities registered clubs and organizations. Departmental events that are open to all students will be posted if space is available. All flyers must be submitted to the Information Center for approval and posting. Flyers must be no larger than 11”x17”. Advertisements must be for public events or membership recruitment functions held on campus, but cannot advertise weekly meetings.

Contact Tables

There are eleven contact tables at various locations in the Student Union. Five are located across from Cascades Café, two are in the Grandfather Mountain Ballroom hallway, two are in the Solarium Lobby and two are in the International Hallway. Tables may be reserved for special event promotions or fundraisers by Campus Activities registered student organizations and University departments, or by outside entities with certain restrictions. Reservations can be made in the Suite 231 of the Student Union, and follow the same process as room reservations for students and faculty.

Display Cases

There are five display cases available for reservation located in the International Hallway. Display cases may be reserved for up to two week periods for event promotions by Campus Activities registered clubs, organizations or University departments. Reservations can be made in suite 231 in the Student Union, and follow the same process as room reservations for students and faculty.


Marquee locations: Greenbriar Theater hallway, ATM entrance hallway, Cascades entrance, and the Information Center lobby. Only campus events held in the Student Union, Legends, Sanford Mall, Durham Park, and Founders' Plaza may be posted on the marquees according to these guidelines: (1) Posters must be at least 8.5”x11” but not larger than 11”x17” in size; (2) Posters/flyers may be displayed no more than seven days prior to an event; (3) the name of the sponsoring organization must be clear.

TV Monitors (Digital Signage) & Film Trailers (IG Greer Only)

Most events held on campus which are open to the public can be advertised on the PSU TV monitors and/or IG Greer film trailers. Certain restrictions may apply. For complete details on the digital signage policies and procedures, please visit

For  information on having a slide inserted in to the film trailers at IG Greer, please contact Daniel Lightfoot at or  828-262-8085

*Due to the University’s commitment to being a zero waste campus: table tents, flyers, etc. are no longer permitted and will be recycled on sight.