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Plemmons Student Union: A Facility Managed by the Department of Student Programs

PSU Addition Front

The scheduling window for Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 events in the PSU is now open to CSIL registered Student Organizations and all University Departments.


Looking for an event? For a list of events in the Plemmons Student Union, follow the QR code below.




PSU Energy Use Statistics


The top light blue line is the electricity consumption for 2009-10 (from July through June).

The dark blue line is the electricity consumption for 2013-14.


In 2009-10 the PSU used 2,565,200 kWh.  In 2012-13 it used 1,955,200 kWh, a 24% drop in consumption while increasing square footage by 50%.  That avoided about $55,000 in today’s energy dollars in electricity alone for 2012-13, or the same as


·         building about 6 of the ASU Wind Turbines (at a cost of $3,000,000), or

·         providing enough power for 47 average NC houses for a year, or

·         avoiding burning 628,000 pounds of coal.



Movie Rental Kiosk in the Student Union! Meet the Croc Box

A new movie kiosk has appeared between International Hallway and the Bookstore, with new arrivals each Thursday. To read the story posted in the Appalachian Newspaper click here


    Anticipated CROCBOX new release list this week:              

                March 27

            Delivery Man

            Walking with Dinosaurs

            Wolf of Wall Street

            The Appearing

            Free Ride



For information regarding the Plemmons Student Union inclement weather policy & closing Schedule, please click HERE


What Can We Do Better?   The Plemmons Student Union has started a customer service campaign to get feedback from all building users to let us know "what can we do better?"  Click HERE to see patron suggestions and how we handled the request.  We truly want your feedback -- please let us know!  You can submit suggestions or feedback at the Information Center and Welcome Center, or the Suggestion Box located to the left of this screen.  You can also just tell any one of our student employees or professional staff!