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Feedback From the Student Leadership Team

How do you feel you have grown as a leader this past year?

"In this past year I have learned to always do the right thing and to take initiative."

What is one thing you think the professional staff did well this past year?

"I think you were all very patient with us and each other. Apart from all the individual instances that patience probably meant the world to an employee, it created such a positive energy in the building that I am sure no employee ever came to work stressed out over this part of their life"

"I personally have appreciated the hard work the professional staff have done this year.  You make our lives as student employees so much easier and it's nice to know we have a support network."

"Thank you for the best years. I have grown so much due to all of the amazing mentors and role models I have had here at the PSU. I am going to miss you all so much!"

Jun 11, 21