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Policies at a Glance

All rooms will remain locked until user notifies the Information Desk upon arrival. Failure to notify the Student Union Event Services Office (828) 262-3032 of a reservation cancellation may result in the suspension of space scheduling privileges. Reservations with a special room setup not utilized or cancelled may result in a fine.

Food Policy

Campus Dining holds a Right of First Refusal for all food served on campus. In the event that Campus Dining waives their right to provide catering for an event, no off-campus caterer may cook or otherwise prepare food in the Student Union - all cooking and preparation must be done off-site. All applicable local, state, and federal food safety guidelines must be followed.

Audiovisual Equipment

All audiovisual equipment must be reserved in advance for all events. The PSU Staff will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests, but cannot guarantee equipment availability. Users must provide their own laptop for data projection (the PSU does not provide laptops) and arrive 15 minutes prior to event to connect. Data projection does include a data cord for connecting computer to data port.

Sound Levels

Sound levels during functions must be maintained at a level that will not interfere with surrounding events. Appropriate sound levels will be determined by the Student Union Staff. Due to table proximity and the possibility of competing sound sources, the PSU does not allow boomboxes or live music at contact tables.

Outdoor Amplified Sound

Outdoor events in areas managed by the Student Union that will have amplified sound must be approved through the Director of the Student Union or their designee. All requests must be submitted at least one business day in advance. For events on Sanford Mall, the Rankin-Duncan Courtyard, the Valborg Lawn, and other areas adjacent to academic buildings, approval for amplified sound is limited to ONE HOUR PER DAY when class is in session. Approvals will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis.

Outdoor Amplified Sound approval is based on the following factors:
- Impact on surrounding academic buildings
- Impact on facilities and auxiliary operations
- Risk management of the event

Events that are approved for outdoor amplified sound are subject to all relevant University policies, town/county ordinances, and state/federal laws.

Approval for Outdoor Amplified Sound can be requested here.

Last Minute Changes

Last minute room changes are requests to alter a room setup after it has already been completed. The PSU staff will attempt to honor these late requests under the following conditions:

  1. If we have staff and time available to do so.
  2. If we have the necessary room equipment available.
  3. A $50 fee will apply.

Decoration Policy

The following are prohibited in the PSU:

  • Tape or other adhesives on walls or doors (push pins are allowed on fabric walls only).
  • Open flames (lit candles, food warmers,* etc.)
    • *food warmers may be approved on a case-by-case basis if they are being provided and attended to by a professional caterer
  • Covering of glass windows on room doors.
  • Sand, straw, or glitter, etc.
  • Disarray of furniture (or moving, touching or tampering with artwork in any way).


Many rooms have a fixed furniture setup. Disarray of furniture within a room may result in a fine and/or suspension of scheduling privileges.

Round Tables

Round banquet tables are available in the Parkway Ballroom, Blue Ridge Ballroom, Rough Ridge and Beacon Heights. These round tables will not be moved to other rooms. Each table seats 6-8 people.

Stage Requests

Plemmons Student Union stage sections may only be used in certain rooms, and must be requested before the event. Legends stage sections are occasionally available for outside use, but only to University Departments and Departmentally-Affiliated Student Organizations.

Alcohol Policy

The Plemmons Student Union will adhere to all Alcohol Policies outlined in the University's Resource Manual and the Student Code of Conduct (click here to view the University Alcohol Policy). Alcoholic beverages, limited to beer and wine, will be allowed only during Special Events in areas designated for Socials and Receptions, and with the prior approval of the Associate Director. No fortified wine, liquor or distilled spirits will be allowed in the Plemmons Student Union or Legends at any time.

Hawksbill Game Room

Pool tables in the game room may be reserved for a maximum of two hours at a cost of $4 per hour per table. No more than 5 tables may be reserved at one time (i.e., 5 tables @$4/hour each x 2 hours = $40)

Damage Fee

Groups responsible for damage to facility space will be immediately assessed a fee for repair or replacement of materials.  All reservations held by group will be suspended until payment is received and groups could also be subject to additional disciplinary proceedings.

Request Denial

We reserve the right to exclude any organization, band, or DJ from using our programming facilities due to past problems.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. Only verifiable service animals are permitted in the Plemmons Student Union. Therapy Animals or animals for educational purposes may be allowed for one-time special events with prior PSU approval. These animals must remain inside of the designated room and are not permitted at Contact Tables. Pets or other animals are not allowed.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in the Plemmons Student Union or Legends.


Weapons of any type are strictly prohibited in the Plemmons Student Union.

Please click here for the full Student Union Policy Manual.