Follow the 3Ws and do your Daily Health Check before leaving your residence hall or coming to campus.

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For details about Student Affairs operations, see the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated November 9, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.

Student Club & Org. Reservations

Amended policies during COVID-19

  • The Plemmons Student Union will begin processing reservation requests for weekly club meetings on January 19, 2021. Because of the unusual circumstances of the semester, the Student Union will not be able to offer the usual level of flexibility and support. Recurring meetings for student clubs and organizations will not begin until February 1st.
  • Requests that are received by January 19th will be processed first, and clubs should receive confirmations by Friday, January 22nd. Requests that are recieved after that will be processed when they are received, however space is extremely limited, and no club is guaranteed a room at their desired time/day.
  • All rooms in the Student Union have been set up to provide social distance of six feet. Any group who rearranges table and chairs or removes plastic wrap from blocked tables will be subject to a fine and will lose reservation privileges. Meeting attendees are responsible for sanitizing their seat/table area with provided materials before the beginning of each meeting.
  • All food that is served or distributed on campus must be approved by the Chancellor's Office or the Chancellor's designee.
  • Attendance is limited to Appalachian State students, faculty, and staff. Members of the public are not permitted as event attendees. Off-campus speakers or presenters are limited per meeting and are subject to approval.
  • Per the recommendations of the Division of Student Affairs Organized Group Gatherings and Programming Activities Work Group, Student clubs and organizations may hold in-person meetings, activities, and events that follow CDC guidelines, North Carolina Executive Orders, and Appalachian State University policies related to COVID-19. These can occur on- and off-campus. Within Engage, student leaders are expected to create these meetings, activities, and events, identify the small group of in-person participants using the RSVP feature, and track attendance to support contact tracing.


To access the request form for a weekly or bi-weekly meeting, please click here (NOTE: This form will not be available until January 15, 2021)

To access the request form for a contact table, display case, or an outdoor area, please click here (NOTE: This form will not be avaialble until January 15th, 2021)

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