Energy Conservation

Events2HVAC™: This software program works with our room scheduling software (EMS) to determine when rooms are in use. It then “speaks” to our HVAC systems and only heats & cools those rooms when they are in use. 

Digital Controls

In fall 2014, we finalized all areas of the building switching to ‘digital controls’ for our HVAC system.  Not only does this further the efforts of Events2HVAC™ and room reservations, it assists with the monitoring of office space and lounges, improving the efficiency of these additional units. 

Digital Controls and Events2HVAC™ Savings

The cost of the Events2HVAC™ software was initially $3000, and with only a small annual maintenance fee, this program paid for itself within months of use in only 1/3rd of the facility. With the conversion to digital controls throughout the facility, we have saved an astonishing amount.

LED Lighting 

The PSU has been on the forefront of progressive lighting as new technology has been developed over the past several years. Now, thanks to a statewide Performance Energy Contract, the PSU (and many other buildings on campus) have received LED lighting throughout the facility (LED lighting is about 60% more efficient than fluorescent lighting). In laypeople’s terms, a Performance Energy Contract means there are no initial costs to the Univerisity; the sponsoring company reaps the rewards for 7 years, and then the university keeps the savings after that time. 


  • All windows are extremely efficient, with argon gas between two panes of low-E glass for greater retention of heating and cooling.
  • All lighting has both motion and light sensors to allow optimum efficiency by ensuring the artificial lights will only operate when the natural light levels are inadequate and when a space is actually occupied.
  • The 2013 addition relies solely on the water heating system that was already in-place. The current solar and steam systems have excess capacity that is captured for use in the addition.
  • Solar thermal panels were installed for water heating in October 2009
  • High efficiency heating and cooling systems (at least 30% more efficient than ASHRAE standards)
  • Innovative Dyson Airblade hand dryers in all restrooms in the 2013 addition (fastest, most energy efficient and most sanitary on the market)

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