Digital Signage Information

The Plemmons Student Union offers an opportunity for officially recognized ASU student clubs and campus departments to advertise events or announcements on several tv screens throughout the building. Content must be of general university interest or student-oriented in nature, must be open to the campus community, and occur on the ASU campus. Events occurring off campus will not be permitted to be shown.

Please review the following guidelines when creating or submitting a slide.

Permitted Users:

  • Student groups- all officially recognized student organizations and clubs
  • University departments and offices
  • (Off-campus entities or events that do not occur on campus will not be permitted)

All Submitted Slides Must Adhere to the Following Technical Specifications:

  • At least 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • Landscape/widescreen  orientation with preferred resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • .jpeg or png. formats only (no PDF's, Powerpoint, Google Docs, Keynote, etc...files)
  • If requesting a slide design from PSU Marketing Team, individual elements and logos must be submitted in .png format with transparent backgrounds
  • (The PSU Marketing Team reserves the right to reject any slide that does not adhere to these specifications)      

Content Guidelines:

  • All content will be reviewd & approved by the PSU Marketing Team.
  • Only advertising of on campus-sponsored events and official university business will be approved 
  • Digital signage is intended to be a medium to promote on campus-sponsored events, organizational promotion, emergency notification, and/or official university business. Use of the digital signage for any other purpose, including but not limited to political or commercial material, is prohibited without the approval of the PSU.
  • The creation of content for digital displays requires consideration of technical, legal, and aesthetic factors. The PSU Marketing Team reserves the right to reject any slide that does not make an effort to comply with these guidelines. The technical considerations relate to the system's capabilities and limitations. Legal considerations relate to compliance with appropriate copyright laws. Aesthetic considerations relate to making any digital slides and digital videos visually interesting and effective. Aspect ratios for displaying, graphic readability, balance, color, software compatibility, graphics, backgrounds, etc. will also be evaluated, when applicable. Slide content must not infringe on the copyrighted or trademarked works of others. Copyrighted and trademarked materials may include, but are not limited to, logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, movies, videos, and written works.
  • Slides will not be posted until two weeks prior to the event.
  • Only one slide per group may run at a time.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Broadcast-ready slides or slide requests should be submitted to at least five (5) business days prior to broadcast date for PSU digital signage.
  • For organizations that wish to have a slide designed by the PSU Marketing slide designer, all relevant information such as logos, images, video, etc,.plus times, dates, location, cost, etc., can be submitted to