Katie Langley

The newest addition to the PSU Nature Photography Art Collection comes from Katie Langley. Katie is a 2001 graduate from Appalachian State University's Photography Program.

The meeting rooms and lounges in the PSU are named for prominent natural places and features of the North Carolina Mountains. At the door to each lounge area or room hangs a picture of that unique feature of the mountains to help students and visitors gain a greater awareness of the dramatic beauty and splendor of our region which is so intertwined with Appalachian's identity.

Clicking on the photos will take you to a Google map with the GPS coordinates of the locations.

Appalachian Commons



Bass Lake



Beacon Heights



Elk Knob



Jonas Ridge



Linn Cove



Linville Caverns



Linville Commons



Linville Gorge



Mountains to Sea Trail Lounge



Parkway Ballroom



Parkway Commons



Pisgah Commons



Rough Ridge



Snake Mountain



Tater Hill



Three Top



Trout Lake

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