ACT Community Partner Agencies Plemmons Student Union Usage Policy

An ACT Community Partner Agency may request usage of the Plemmons Student Union if they are currently catalogued in the ACT Community Partners Database.

Usage of the facility is permitted for meeting rooms and contact tables for activities that are
open and designated exclusively to ASU students, along with agency staff presenters and
invited facilitators.  An ACT Community Partner Agency should make a reservation request
directly to the Student Programs Event Services Office (262-3032) using the appropriate
reservation request forms.  Forms are available at the bottom of this page.

  •  Type of Events: Limited to ASU student volunteer recruitment, orientation, training or 
     appreciation.  Use of the facility is not permitted for agency fundraisers, permanent 
     agency staff meetings or community/public events.*
  •  There is no cost for the use of meeting rooms, contact tables or general
     audio-visual equipment.
     Reservation requests may continue to be made through the academic year
  •  up until the last day of classes in the Spring Semester.  Reservation requests
     for the summer may be made beginning on the first day of Summer School classes.  


Guidelines for Room Usage

Limited Availability:  An ACT Community Partner Agency may request facility space
beginning August 1st for the upcoming academic year for usage between Thursdays and Sundays until 4pm.


Regular Availability:  Beginning on the first Monday following Labor Day, an ACT Community Partner Agency may request space for any day of the week in the Plemmons Student Union for the upcoming academic year.

  •  Meetings may be conducted up to (3) three hours in duration.
  •  Three (3) meetings per year are allowed for each ACT Community Partner Agency.

Guidelines for Contact Table Usage

  •  Nature of usage is restricted to the recruitment of ASU students for volunteer 
     opportunities with the agency and for the advertisement of agency services and 
     programs.  No financial transactions may be conducted.
  •  Reservations may be made no more than (14) fourteen days prior to the requested
     date of usage.
  •  Three (3) days per semester are allowed for each ACT Community Partner Agency.

*Note:  Agency fundraisers are only allowable when they are reserved and conducted by
a registered ASU Club, University Funded Organization or a Service-Learning Class on behalf 
of the agency.

Meeting Room Request Form (PDF)

Contact Table Request Form (PDF))

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